iTero Digital Impressions

Impression-free Orthodontics using the iTero™ Digital Impression System

Emily-Marshall.jpgDr. Egger’s office uses the most current technology available to help create the smile you want, which is why we use the iTero™ Digital Orthodontic Impression System.

The iTero tm digital scanner takes three-dimensional digital images, or impressions, of your teeth and bite. This system is more accurate, provides a positive patient experience and improved treatment planning. No impression trays with sticky putty are needed!

Some benefits of iOC digital impression over traditional putty impression include:

  • Accuracy: They capture the exact contours of your teeth.
  • Comfort: The Invisalign trays made on this scanner fit your teeth exactly and without added bulk.
  • Efficiency: They require less time in the treatment chair and less time waiting to get started.
  • Customizability: They provide a digital plan and allow for treatment to be tailored to each individual patient’s needs.
  • Visualization: They provide each patient with a definite picture of what their teeth will look like before and after treatment.
  • Innovation: They use the most advanced 3-D video technologies.

How does it work?

Instead of impressions, we take comfortable and accurate scans. iTero utilizes laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surfaces and contours of the teeth and gum structure in amazing detail. The images are captured by a hand-held photo wand that records 100,000 points of light, 50 microns apart, to create perfectly focused images of your teeth.

Dr. Egger uses this technology to effectively diagnose, formulate a personalized treatment plan, and communicate to your general dentist about your treatment needs. Images from your mouth are exported directly to Invisalign for faster case turn-around, preventing extended waiting time to begin treatment. So, if you or someone you know has been putting off dental treatment because you don’t like impressions, don't wait any longer! Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.